Why summer break should be longer

Parents feel that a long summer vacation is essential to growing up kids need a break alphonso says that parents feel a long summer break is a time to regroup after a busy year. Why summer break should be longer-submitted by: jazman sanders summer vacations, where the magic starts, where your summer will be enjoyed with the lovely sun warming the air and the occasional breeze to cool you down this is all great but. The last week of summer—the week before school starts up again—is always bittersweet we certainly need a break from homework, class projects, and the relentless after-school schedule.

The alabama education association backs the bill because it believes the longer summer will mean more revenue for the education budget from tourism tax dollars. Summer break is always a hot topic between parents and students regarding whether the break is too long or not long enough whichever choice you decide to lean towards normally depends on what you did throughout the summer. Give children more of a summer that’s a goal that the bath county school board hopes to accomplish by looking at ways to shorten the school year at the school board meeting on tuesday night the board asked school administration to help find ways to accomplish that goal. Why do we teachers want our students practicing their math and reading skills because we know summer brain drain is real we now also have to deal with the fact that technology is far more.

Summer vacation (also called summer holiday or summer break) is a school holiday in summer between school years and the break in the school year students and instructors are off school from doing work typically between 8 and 9 weeks, depending on the country and district. Studies have argued the long summer break contributes to summer slide in some subjects summer slide is the loss of, in particular, literacy and numeracy skills that occur with the long summer break. Rather than having a long, continuous stretch of summer holidays, why not have school all year round, with more smaller breaks jan bone august 31, 2009 2:17 am joy can still be in learning–but often isn’t, in typical school assignments. Yes because us kids and adults need more time away from school and teachers or children so with more summer vacation we can relax have fun and not have homework. Proponents of shortening summer vacation say more time in school would help ameliorate the achievement gap others argue that a longer summer break can be maintained as long as students have.

Summer allows kids to spend time outside of the school environment and learn things more naturally spending time with friends should be just as valued as learning in a classroom. The roots of the long summer holiday go back to the uk's agricultural heritage, to a time when children had to help pick fruit and farm the land many argue that this is an outdated concept. Best answer: i disagree that the school vacation should be shorter i think it is great the students are able to get a break from their very busy and stressful school years and have an opportunity to just be kids, relax and have fun with their peers without having to worry about homework, school and sports practices. There are many reasons why summer should last longer including – we need rest, we need more time away from school, not all learning is done in the classroom and many cherished experiences would dissipate if we do not take plenty of water, we break down the mid-day is the most horrible and unbearable part of the day birds and other.

Roberta bondar public school, for example, closes for four weeks in the summer, but has a longer christmas holiday and march break, as well as a fall and midwinter break. Opening longer costs money – in a unionized faculty like in new york city, you know there will be monetary compromises for the longer time salaries aren’t the only worries 4 responses to “5 reasons to keep summer vacation” abi august 16, 2010 at 2:33 pm. A year-round calendar, also referred to as a balanced calendar, reorganizes the 180 school days by shortening the traditional summer break, dispersing those days into several smaller breaks. After a seemingly endless winter, it looks like summer is finally on its way but sunny skies and rising temperatures do more than make our environment a pleasant place. Summer vacation is a time of rest, relaxation, and refreshment it is a time when students get a two to three month break from the constant pressure of school and homework, allowing them to pursue new interests and pick up old hobbies.

In short, summer break for kids in poverty — now a full 22 percent of all american children — is no vacation at all it is a time of hunger, boredom, and often fear. Students should have longer breaks in school students should have longer breaks in school students are not getting enough breaks to make up for the arduous amount of school any type of break more physical or mental breaks could compensate for the constant change work place even in the workplace, the workers rest as well. Students get more frequent breaks, but their breaks are shorter and they don't get a traditional 10- to 12-week summer break the pros eliminating any sort of long break from school can improve a child's academic achievement.

  • Hehe spanish class sucks but summer vacation should be longer because we are in school practically most of our lives and we need a break sometime a few months is not ok we need like 4 or 5 months of summer vacation lol summer will be over by then though.
  • Summer vacation has little to do with tilling fields and more to do with sweaty, rich city kids playing hooky—and their sweaty, rich parents before the civil war, farm kids never had summers off.
  • In larger cities such as chicago, shorter summer vacations have already been instituted in multiple public schools in some cases, the summer break has been cut to a mere nine weeks, leaving less time for relaxation and more time for studies.

School holidays are too long let me explain i know the profession is plagued by more marking and preparation than ever before, and i don’t think we should try to copy the factory schooling. Is summer break necessary (1) page 2 of 2 wwwforidahoteachersorg during the school year summer break is time for students to take extra classes to get ahead. The reason why summer should last until the end of the school year is all in this petitionallowing students a summer break is vital to the economy because it help boost sales and businesses a summer break is vital for the students to de-stress from today’s hectic academic world.

why summer break should be longer - summer break is supposed to be a time of rest and rejuvenation for students after nine months of hard work and challenging classes, one would think such a long break could do nothing but good for students however, this is not the best way for young minds to learn. why summer break should be longer - summer break is supposed to be a time of rest and rejuvenation for students after nine months of hard work and challenging classes, one would think such a long break could do nothing but good for students however, this is not the best way for young minds to learn.
Why summer break should be longer
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